How to Use the EHR Readiness Assessment

You’re thinking about it, but are you ready to adopt an EHR? Use the Free EHR Readiness Assessment to measure whether you and your practice are prepared for an EHR.  By answering just 20 questions you can evaluate your Goals and Vision, Computer skills, Practice capacity for change and ability to Financially cope with the transition to an EHR.

Step 1: Create a user account

This will allow you to save the Readiness Assessment score for future reference. If completed on your behalf by a consultant or practice manager, you should create a separate user account for each person who completes the Readiness Assessment.

Step 2: Click on the EHR Readiness Tab and take the Readiness Assessment Test

Answer the 20 EHR Readiness questions. (If you’re
unsure, it is better to underestimate your level of readiness.)


Step 3: Click Submit and Generate your Personal Total Readiness Score & Readiness Plan

Your Total Readiness Score is displayed as XX/100. In addition to indicating your deficiencies, a Personal Readiness Plan is created describing which areas to focus on in order to prepare more effectively for an EHR.


Step 4: Review your areas of Deficiency and Determine an Action Plan

Questions in which you have scored 4 or 5 indicate a higher level of readiness and may require no further action. Questions in which you have scored a 3 or less indicate deficiencies that should be addressed in your preparation for an EHR.


Step 5: Have your Practice Colleagues complete the Readiness Assessment

By comparing your scores and recommendations, you will have a benchmark measure of the readiness of your practice for an EHR. Repeat the Readiness Assessment as often as you like.


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