Summary of Meaningful Use Regulation for EHRs Published in NEJM


In coordination with the public announcement this morning by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator, the New England Journal of Medicine published a Perspective piece authored by Dr. David Blumenthal, National Coordinator for Health IT. This article provides an overview table of the Objectives and Measures for achieving meaningful use.  As described in the document, “In the final regulation, we have divided these elements into two
groups: a set of core objectives that constitute an essential starting
point for meaningful use of EHRs and a separate menu of
additional important activities from which providers will choose
several to implement in the first 2 years.”  There are 15 Core Set objectives/measures for all eligible professionals, hospitals and critical access hospitals.  The Menu Set includes 10 measures from which 5 should be chosen.

More information to follow – but here’s the question: What is your initial impression of the final rule? Are the expectations for 2011-2012 now reasonable for most practices?

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