Doctors and Hospitals Say E-Record Goals Are Unrealistic –

How achievable are the goals to achieve meaningful use of EHRs? Concern has been expressed by senior leaders across the US including Dr. Thomas H. Lee, president of the physician network at Partners HealthCare, Dr. Brent E. Wallace, chief medical officer at Intermountain Healthcare, in Utah and Dr. Steven M. Safyer, president of Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

A June 7, 2010 article in the NY times examines the challenges facing meaningful use adoption:

WASHINGTON — In February 2009, as part of legislation to revive the economy, Congress provided tens of billions of dollars to help doctors and hospitals buy equipment to computerize patients’ medical records.

But the eligibility criteria proposed by the Obama administration are so strict and so ambitious that hardly any doctors or hospitals can meet them, not even the most technologically advanced providers like Kaiser Permanente and Intermountain Healthcare.

Doctors and hospital executives, who have expressed their frustration in meetings with White House and Medicare officials, said the issue offered a cautionary tale of what could happen when good intentions meet the reality of America’s fragmented health care system.

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