The Endocrine Society (TES)

Founded in 1916, The Endocrine Society is the world's oldest, largest, and most active organization devoted to research on hormones and the clinical practice of endocrinology. The Society works to foster a greater understanding of endocrinology amongst the general public and practitioners of complementary medical disciplines and to promote the interests of all endocrinologists at the national scientific research and health policy levels of government.

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About TES

The Endocrine Society is an international body with more than 16,000 members from over 100 countries. The Society's diverse membership represents medicine, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, immunology, education, industry, and allied health fields.


The mission of the Endocrine Society is to advance excellence in endocrinology and promote its essential and integrative role in scientific discovery, medical practice, and human health.

Strategic Plan

Direction I: Leadership
Lead endocrine science and medicine toward the goal of improved human health worldwide.

Direction II: Impact and Influence
Position the Society and its Hormone Health Network as the authoritative and trusted source of knowledge that drives sound health and science policy and informs the public.

Direction III: Member Value

Deliver a dynamic portfolio of programs and services that enrich the professional lives of Society members across the continuum of their careers.

Direction IV: Capacity to Lead
Build greater leadership capabilities in every facet of The Endocrine Society and ensure an agile, technologically sophisticated organization and infrastructure to support the Society's goals.


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