Health Level Seven® International

Health Level Seven International (HL7®) is a not-for-profit organization that develops rules and guidelines for how computer systems should exchange healthcare information. HL7 members participate in work groups that prioritize and develop HL7 standards through a consensus process.

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Unlocking the Power of Health Information


There are more than 40 work groups within HL7 dedicated to specialized areas of interest, such as developing standards for Electronic Health Record systems. HL7’s standards are widely used around the world, and many are referenced as requirements in the United States for supporting meaningful use of EHR systems.

Calling all Caregivers!

Direct input from caregivers is critical for producing standards that truly benefit the healthcare process. HL7 is excited to offer a new Caregiver Membership Program to make it easier for caregivers to weigh in on standards that are developed through HL7 and ultimately adopted in healthcare technology. Now more than ever HL7 needs participation from caregivers to ensure that standards produced offer real and practical value in supporting health information exchange. Here are five ways in which caregivers can also benefit from participation:

HL7 Caregiver Membership is open to physicians, nurses and others who are directly engaged in providing care to patients.
Annual membership is $100.

Learn more, and join today!

Current HL7 Projects That Need Caregiver Input

Following is a short list of projects underway within HL7 that would benefit from input from the caregiver community on data requirements as well as clinical requirements for workflow and usability:

Functional Models and Profiles describe requirements for EHR system capabilities. Domain Analysis Models describe workflow and data requirements within specific care domains. Contact for more information about these exciting projects.

Upcoming HL7 Events

HL7 hosts Working Group Meetings three times per year to provide education and an opportunity for in-person collaboration on standards development projects. Participation in HL7 meetings is a great way to learn more about HL7 and its standards and to weigh in on current projects in your areas of interest.

Working Group Meeting

January 13-18, 2012
Phoenix, AZ

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