EHR Developer Code of Conduct

EHRA is the developer and sponsor of the EHR Developer Code of Conduct, and continues to publicize and promote the Code to encourage all EHR developers to adopt its principles and to promote their adoption to customers, prospects, employees, and stakeholders. Periodically, the EHR Association will review and evaluate the need to make any changes to the Code.

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The EHR Developer Code of Conduct, launched in June 2013, was created by the EHR Association (EHRA), in collaboration with a variety of stakeholder organizations representing physicians (including ACP), hospitals, information technology executives, consumers, and the government. ACP and EHRA, along with other collaborators, recognize the importance of a transparent set of industry principles that reflect the continued commitment of EHR developers to safe healthcare delivery, continued innovation, and high integrity in their relationships with providers.

The Code includes principles in several fundamental areas, including general business practices, patient safety, interoperability and data portability, clinical and billing documentation, privacy and security, and patient engagement. The specific tenets of each of these principles can be found at

Companies that have adopted the Code (as of December 2015) include:

Adoption of the Code means that the company is committed to all of its principles, and has completed or is in the process of implementation of the practices needed to apply these principles within the company. These practices could include executive leadership involvement, educating staff about their obligations under the Code of Conduct, setting up procedures to monitor business operations, and communication to their stakeholders of their activities related to the Code of Conduct.

Recognizing that companies have different business models and practices, the Code is adopted at the discretion of each organization which is then responsible for determining their specific application of the Code consistent with the spirit of the Code’s principles. Any company that develops EHRs, regardless of membership in EHRA, should consider adopting the EHR Developer Code of Conduct. ACP encourages its members to ask your EHR business partners to consider adopting the EHR Developer Code of Conduct.

More information on EHRA is available at Contact Angie Gorden, EHRA Program Manager, at with any questions or comments you might have.