It is the mission of AmericanEHR to provide the most comprehensive, trustworthy, and accurate information available to assist U.S. medical practices with the selection, implementation, use, and optimization of Electronic Health Records systems (EHRs) and other forms of health IT. AmericanEHR has been developed as an aggregation resource for information from a wide variety of sources. The purpose of this editorial policy is to explain how content will be generated, managed, and used on the AmericanEHR website. In order to maintain a high level of credibility, content will be managed according to rules and policies jointly developed by Cientis Technologies and the American College of Physicians. No content will be allowed on the AmericanEHR website that could injure the good name or reputation of AmericanEHR, Cientis Technologies, and the American College of Physicians or other professional societies.

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The following sections describe our editorial policies:

Last Updated: April 17, 2010

A. Content Not Suitable for Publication

B. Editorial Content Policies

Third Party Content

Blog Content

Podcasts & Webinars

User Generated Content 

Opinion Pieces

Peer Reviewed Content

C. Content Ownership or Assignment of Ownership of Content

D. Process for User Reported Content

E. Process for Removal of Content

If any content on AmericanEHR Partners is felt by a user to be inappropriate, a formal reporting and review process shall be initiated:

F. Embargoed Content

G. Copyright

AmericanEHR Partners is protected under United States and international copyright laws and conventions. Except as otherwise provided by United States copyright law, materials from AmericanEHR Partners may only be viewed, stored, or reproduced for private, noncommercial purposes.

H. Policy for Display of Outgoing Links

I. Requests for Re-Use of Content

The executive editorial board will consider requests for re-use of content on an individual basis and in consideration of the intellectual property rights of the originating authors or organizations.